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力博国际备用Revolving around the theme of “Asia Alliance, World Vision”, Dongpeng International Annual Conference 2018 was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 29th April to 1st May. The conference, with over 100 business partners mainly from Southeast Asia, marked Dongpeng’s critical step to land on Thailand, the design hub of Southeast Asia, and to speed up its brand penetration in the whole Asia-Pacific region by multichannel marketing campaigns.


This year’s conference is of great significance as it was a well-planned overseas event starting from advertisement, conference and annual party within the whole Chinese Ceramic Industry, showcasing Dongpeng ‘s robust strength in leading the trend all the time. After comprehensive strategic planning and well-organized implementation, we have lavished on launching the advertisements at Bangkok airport before we get our international conference started. It is expected that the 2018 conference is able to build up a super platform where all our business partners can exchange views and achieve win-win cooperation.


Highlights of the Conference

年度盛典 精彩不断

On 30th April, the conference session started at 9:30 am local time, in Marriot Hotel the Surawongse, where over 90% of the tiles applied are the Marble+ collection from Dongpeng and recently made its grand opening. Also being as the first VIP group to organize the event, the venue selection made the conference a significant and memorable event to Dongpeng.


In the video, MR. He Xinming, Chairman of Dongpeng Holdings Co.Ltd, expressed Dongpeng’s constant pursuit of innovation and progress in product development

力博国际备用After enjoying the video of The Growing Brand broadcasted by CCTV, audience applauded enthusiastically to welcome Denny Woo, the general manager of Dongpeng International Department, to deliver the speech.


Opening Speech by Mr. Denny Woo

力博国际备用General Manager of Dongpeng International Business Department

力博国际备用During the speech, Mr. Denny Woo conveyed sincere appreciation to all the guests’ participation and supports. He also emphasized the market importance of Asia pacific as well as Thailand: “Asia Pacific ranks the fastest-growing region, accounted for 42.1% of the world’s economy growth. To make a further step into Asia is a trend for all sizable companies.” Denny also announced several practices to support the development of landmark projects, in aspects of products, service and promotion. The exciting speech has exceedingly strengthened the confidences of all distributors and dealers.


力博国际备用Honor Great Achievement

荣耀2017 展望2018

To honor the achievement we have been made in 2017, Dongpeng awarded outstanding projects, showroom and distributors. After all-rounded consideration by Dongpeng senior management, firstly, we have selected seven Landmark Projects based on their great impact on locals and in line with our global strategy.









力博国际备用The Winner of the 2017 Best Dongpeng Gallery

力博国际备用Grand Home Mart Co.Ltd,Thailand

力博国际备用With the most creative design, exquisite products display and perfect application, the Dongpeng gallery in Grand Home Mart helps strongly boost our branding and extend our global presence.

泰国Grand Home Mart东鹏展厅凭借三个“符合”,即设计符合、力博国际备用符合、产品应用符合,完美诠释了东鹏所要打造的形象和理念,实至名归。

The Winner of the 2017 Best Disributor

力博国际备用Dongpeng Ceramic Malaysia

Dongpeng Ceramic Malaysia is managed by a team of professional managers with many years of experience in the tiles industry. While making inroad to the Malaysian market, Dongpeng has carefully strategized an understanding with some of the regional big names and established dealer networks with a strategic partnership, relationship and agreement. With this collaboration, and within a short span of less than 12 months, Dongpeng has made a great impact on its “DONGPENG” brand awareness, and its presence is strongly felt throughout both Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia market.

On the project front, Dongpeng has also established its credibility and presence with several landmark projects in Malaysia.


Create Synergy Effect in Dongpeng Network

力博国际备用促进协同 拓展全球网络

力博国际备用Dongpeng believes that real partnerships are about sharing information, synergy, innovation and mutual benefits. Among all excellent partners, three representatives are invited to share experience and insights, in terms of cooperation with Dongpeng, industry trends and industry practices.


Mr. Adolf Woo from Firmstone Building Materials Limited,HongKong

力博国际备用Mr. Songkran Sinthawanarong from Grand Home Mart Co.Ltd,Thailand

力博国际备用Mr.Lee Hui Meng from Dongpeng Ceramic Malaysia

Unforgettable Night In Bangkok


力博国际备用The gala dinner has started from 19:30 pm. The wonderful night was immersed in the charm of the rich Thailand culture. Guests were dressed in Dongpeng red, celebrating the big gathering of all Dongpeng partners from around the globe.


Traditional Thai Show

As the spotlight of the night, Dongpeng was honored to have the president of TIDA Design Association in attendance, who is the leading Thailand interior designer to act as the important role in " Belt and Road " design industry. She expressed the highest compliment to Dongpeng ‘s contribution in the design power in Thailand.


Mr. Denny Woo showed appreciation to the President from TIDA Design Association and made Dongpeng’s commitment in further sponsorship and cooperation with interior designers in Thailand.


This year’s annual conference marks a new milestone for Dongpeng and we are so excited to announce our new vision as the brand leader in Southeast Asia as well as the plan to penetrate Thailand as our strategic country for this mission.


Let us ride on the momentum of these successes, and launch into more impressive achievements as one family, one team! The success of our group would not be possible without our partners’ hard work and dedication. What will be the next destination for our journey of Asia Alliance and World Vision? Please keep following us.

力博国际备用在此,再次感谢来自世界各地与会的商业合作伙伴和东鹏高层的大力支持。亚洲先行,全球视野,2018东鹏全球年会圆满落幕,之后将为您带来更多Architect’ Exposition18 的最新资讯。

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